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Thousands of young Europeans honor St. Teresa of Avila

To Pope Francis, Saint Teresa of Avila is an example for young people everywhere. POPE FRANCIS March 11, 2015 "This month we remember the fifth centenary of the birth in Avila of St. Teresa of Jesus. Her spiritual force will encourage you, dear young people, to witness joyfully faith in your life.� For that reason, thousands of youths met in the Spanish city of Avila to better understand one of the most important women in the history of the Church. The meeting also had a specific purpose: It was held in honor of the fifth centenary of Saint Teresa of Avila's birth. From August 5th to 9th, pilgrims will be able to visit the most important places in the saint's life, like the Monastery of the Incarnation, where the saint spent almost forty years. Another location is the Convent of Saint Joseph, which the saint helped found. There will be shows, concerts, and great prayer gatherings. The final event will be a Mass held in her honor. LOA/ATO RR VM -PR -Up: FV