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U.S Ambassador on coming Papal visit: I don't think the Pope is concerned with the polls

There's a lot of excitement about the Pope's coming trip to the U.S. But also some questions about how his message will come across during his five day visit.  A recent poll shows, his approval rating has dropped in the U.S. From 76 percent in 2014 to 59 percent this year. Ken Hackett, who serves as the U.S ambassador to the Holy See, says he doesn't think the Pope is too concerned with that.  KENNETH HACKETT  U.S Ambassador to the Holy See "I also donâ??t think heâ??s reading the polls about his acceptance or lack thereof. I think he couldnâ??t care less.â?    Roughly 22 percent of Americans are Catholic, which breaks down to about 65 million people. But they don't all agree on some of the big issues the Pope will be addressing. From immigration, to global economics, climate change and beyond.  But he says, the Pope can't really be locked into a conservative or liberal category.  KENNETH HACKETT  U.S Ambassador to the Holy See "If you analyze what he has been saying or doing you can find the thread coming through previous Popes.â?  The Pope's high profile meetings will include an address to the U.N, U.S Congress and President Barack Obama. The Pope has said his message is nothing new, but simply based on the social doctrine of the Catholic Church.  KENNETH HACKETT  U.S Ambassador to the Holy See "He is who he is. He said Iâ??m a son of the Church. I believe in the dogma of the Church and thatâ??s where I will go.â?  The Pope will start off his visit to the U.S on September 22nd. It will conclude on the 27 in Philadelphia with the World Meeting of Families.  KLH  AA VM  -PR Up: KLH