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Ingenious invention: a computer made from renewable materials in Uganda

While people take access to information for granted in many developed countries, it's a privilege in other parts of the world. Less than three percent of Ugandan children use the internet. UNICEF wants to change that. This simple computer was designed with low cost, renewable materials. It is made of two drums of metal and a waterproof keyboard. And it's fueled by solar energy. This type of technology could help close the digital gap between different countries and give students new materials to learn with. SETH HERR UNICEF Uganda "A lot of these villages and towns, donâ??t have full time teachers, so they have schools, but the students donâ??t really have access to anything in the way of information.â? The machines come equipped with programs for health, education, and job training. They're currently working on more models and hope that this small invention can help spread knowledge to people who would otherwise go without. LOA/ATO #Unicef VM -PR -Up: AC