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Couple at Synod: Our family didn't believe in our marriage, wanted us to divorce

This is the first married couple that spoke before the Synod of Bishops. They told the assembly about the rough beginning to their marriage. ANDRES GALINDO Auditor, Synod on the Family (Mexico) "I lost my job, and part of my family did not believe that we were going to stay married because it started off very badly. One member of the family even arrived one day for us to sign papers for our divorce.â? They recounted how early in their marriage they felt isolated, and had a daughter on the way. Now, 46 years later, they have two children and four grand-kids. They're also taking part in the Synod as experts in family ministry. ANDRES GALINDO Auditor, Synod on the Family (Mexico) "We put aside all the 'buts.' When we were talking to each other, we looked at each other in the eye, and we looked at our friend, and said, 'When do we start?' And, from then on, we worked in family ministry. It has already been 22 years.â? During the last two decades, they have helped couples prepare for marriage and also assisted married couples who have troubles. They discussed some of the difficulties that couples often face. CLARA RUBIO Auditor, Synod on the Family (Mexico) "The fact that both parents have to work leads to a loss of communication in marriages. And that loss of communication leads to distance, not knowing each other, and not knowing to think about one another.â? ANDRES GALINDO Auditor, Synod on the Family (Mexico) "If the parents don't have a presence in the house, where is the education? We abandon that education or one abandons that education in people who, perhaps, have no idea.â? CLARA RUBIO Auditor, Synod on the Family (Mexico) "How often are we tucked away in technology, living in a frightful lonely marriage, with everyone in their gadgets?â? The couple remains unfocused on political debates or external pressure. They only want to transmit one key message to the Synod. ANDRES GALINDO Auditor, Synod on the Family (Mexico) "That they must make a family ministry that comes from the heart, from the love that families have, from the care they must have. What for? So that all of us in some way can approach them and can ask for that help that at times we need in our life.â? Sixteen other couples from throughout the world will deliver speeches before the Synod, discussing the major challenges families face. The objective: to find pastoral solutions so that no one feels like they're alone. AC/ATO MG VM -PR Up: KLH