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Pope makes appeal for peace, after three Christians were killed by ISIS

Friday's Synod of Bishops began with Pope Francis making an appeal for peace and reconciliation in the Middle East.  POPE FRANCIS  "We are following, with great worry, what's happening in Syria, Iraq, Jerusalem and Cisjordan, where we are witnessing rising violence that affects innocent civilians.â?  The Pope called on the international community to do its part in resolving this crisis. It's not just about the Middle East. The Pope also called for action in Africa.  POPE FRANCIS "War leads to destruction and it multiplies the suffering of populations. Hope and progress comes only through peace.â?  The Pope's call for peace comes after the Islamic State released a video of the killing of three Christians. During the Synod Syria's Patriarch also spoke to the press about the inaction of the West in stopping Islamic terrorists and its devastating effects on families.   JRB/KLH  CTV -SV -BN Up: FV #Sinodo2015