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Synod: The Church says it needs to modernize Her language

One of the points being analyzed in the Synod, is the language the Church uses to get its message across. It's looking into using language that's more inclusive. Language that invites families to the positive, instead of the denouncing the negative. But what exactly does that mean? This is what Bishops from different nations had to say about it.  MSGR. ANTHONY FALLAH BORWAH Bishop of Gbarnga (Liberia)  "The new language is speaking to the level of the people of our time. For example, if you want to speak to the young people you must speak Facebook language speak Whatsapp language, simplify so they can follow us. The message is the same: Ancient message from 2,000 years ago, but using language of the modern people so that the people understand what Church says.â? CARD. DANIEL STURLA  Archbishop of Montevideo (Uruguay) "It's about language people can relate to. What good does it do, to write a beautiful Church document, if it doesn't move people's hearts. Pope Francis is an expert in this, because he speaks a language people understand.â?  MSGR. PETER KANG U-IL Pres. South Korea's Episcopal Conference "Yes, that's very necessary-the inspiration in this moment, because to incorporate those who are suffering we need perspective, new view points and new language.â? MSGR. JEAN LUC-BRUNIN Bishop of Le Havre (France)  "We need language that's direct and accessible. Language is a matter of attitude and it's a way the Church can reach out to all families.â?  MSGR. SELVISTER PONNUMUTHAN Bishop of Punalur (Kerala, India)  "The new language according to me, is love. FLASH. And sometimes it's not easy.â?  So, there is consensus that the Church must embrace a language that's more relatable to every day people.  RA/KLH  RR J PR UP: ATO