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Saint Junipero Serra: Who wrote his song?

Pope Francis visited a sculpture of the Spanish missionary Junipero Serra just hours after canonizing him in Washington D.C.  The music playing is "Aqui Por Tiâ? , which translates into Here For You.  It was composed by Spanish singer-songwriter Jaume Anglada in honor of the 18th century missionary.  The U.S embassy gave the singer the assignment.  To provide inspiration, he was given a copy Serra's farewell letters to his parents before leaving for the Americas. He was also given rocks from where Serra´s ship first landed. JAUME ANGLADA Singer-Songwriter  "The truth is that it filled me with excitement. When I got home, I read the letter. It was an emotional  letter, where you can really feel the vocation of someone who was abandoning his family and loved ones. He was doing it to work and to grow, to be able to show and share his love.â? The song invokes Serra´s feelings of leaving his home. There is a sense of nostalgia with hope for the future; abandoning what he knows, to devote himself to the unknown. The missionary left his home and loved ones, whom he never saw again. All to Evangelize in the Americas... for God. POPE FRANCIS Canonization of Junipero Serra "Go out to proclaim the good news that mistakes, deceitful illusions and falsehoods do not have the last word in a personâ??s life. Go out with the ointment which soothes wounds and heals hearts.â? The composer had in mind the instruments of the Baroque era while writing the song.  It is a poem full of melancholy, yet ironically it doesn't feel sad. Instead, it invites everyone to look to the horizon, the future, with the certainty of having placed their fate in trusted hands.  JRB/ AZ  Bisbat de Mallorca -SV/JM -PR Up:FV #Mundo