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Synod: It must be remembered that sexuality is an expression of love, not a sin

During the final sessions of the Synod's second week, bishops have put an emphasis on the sexual dimension of marriage. Participants heard testimony from several couples and they described the importance of two things: First, is that parents should be the first ones to explain sexuality to their children. And they must show the positive aspects of it. FR. MANUEL DORANTES Vatican spokesman "Current sex education is very negative and disastrous. Many parents don't speak about the beauty of sexuality with their own children, leaving the role to public educators.� The second point is that the Church has to do a better job of speaking about sexuality. They should emphasize it's an expression of love, not a sin. And they must also remember the role of the laity and married couples in this area. FR. FEDERICO LOMBARDI Vatican spokesman "Here we must recognize that the experience of couples should guide the Church in this field, to find answers, because they are the people who have most experience.� Another crucial point was that older married couples have an important role in helping newer couples. Through their example and advice, they can help newlyweds to deeper their relationship and overcome difficulties that come in all marriages. In that sense, they recalled the role of some Catholics movements in helping married couples who face a crisis. JRB/ATO MG/RR - -PR Up:ATO #Sinodo2015