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Cardinals: The Synod document expresses the consensus of great majority of the assembly

The debates at the Synod have ended. A group is now making the final changes to the document that will be delivered to Pope Francis. Bishops, cardinals, and experts are getting close to the coveted, consensus. CARD. RAIMUNDO DAMASCENO ASSIS  Deputy President of the Synod "The document expresses, without a doubt, not the complete consensus, but at least the grand majority of the Synod participants.â? Every participant has had the opportunity to read the text drawn from the thirteen working groups. Today they made new contributions. CARD. NORBERTO RIVERA Archbishop of Mexico City (Mexico) "The document is still cooking. It has had very good additions this morning. It has greatly improved the report we had. I think it will be a valuable aid for the Holy Father. That's all that we have to do: submit proposals to the Holy Father that he will take and teach with as pastor of the Universal Church.â? They spoke of an inspired document that will be welcomed by families throughout the world, especially for those most in need of personal attention. CARD. RAIMUNDO DAMASCENO ASSIS  Deputy President of the Synod "I believe that we are in the spirit of Vatican II under Pope John XXIII. He said: The Church prefers the medicine of mercy to the medicine of condemnation.â? CARD. NORBERTO RIVERA Archbishop of Mexico City (Mexico) "We are not only showing in general but instead in concrete ways how they can approach the Word of God, how families can approach the works of charity, how they can approach the life and the activity of the Church.â? Tomorrow, they'll vote on and deliver the final document to the Pope. The cardinals say that the document expresses all of their work, from last year's Synod to the ongoing meeting. Above all, it says it clearly. CARD. NORBERTO RIVERA Archbishop of Mexico City (Mexico) "Jesus established the Church to go out to all people, to go out to all cultures and to all situations. We cannot be happy just maintaining the current Church. We must convert our Church into a missionary Church.â? The secretary of the Synod received 1,355 proposals. Now, he's working quickly to deliver a text that includes the requested changes in the final hours. Tomorrow Cardinal Erdí¶ will present the document, and they'll all vote on it. AC/ATO AA VM -PR Up: KLH