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Court sides with Knights of Columbus over Jesus statue on public land

In the 1950s, the Knights of Columbus built a memorial to American soldiers who died in World War II. The statue depicts Jesus and was built on Big Mountain in Montana. It's become a cultural landmark, and it's known as "Big Mountain Jesus.â? The Knights received permission from the government to keep the statue there, and they have maintained it for decades.  In 2012, an organization called the Freedom from Religion Foundation sued to have the statue permanently removed. This came after tens of thousands of people voiced their support for the statue after the Knights' permit was almost not renewed. The Knights of Columbus, supported by an organization called the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, defended the memorial. The following year, a lower court ruled in favor of the Knights. However, the others appealed the ruling. And just recently, the higher court once again ruled in favor of the statue. Because of its cultural and historical importance, it can remain on the mountain. The Knights plan to keep maintaining it for decades to come. ATO Becket Foundation V -PR: Up:ATO