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Rome Reports

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An application to pray for future priests and seminarians

This organization raises money to pay for priests and seminarians who come to Rome to deepen their education.  In the last few years, they've helped more than 800 people living in countries that are dangerous for Christians. They're called the Roman Academic Center Foundation. EDGARDO CALVENTE FARIZANO Roman Academic Center Foundation "The Roman Academic Center Foundation is a private foundation that is fundamentally dedicated to supporting diocesan priests and seminarians in their formation.â? And one of their most original initiatives supports priests and seminarians from a spiritual perspective. It's an application for smartphones called Pray for Me. EDGARDO CALVENTE FARIZANO Roman Academic Center Foundation "Every day at seven in the morning there appears a photo of a priest or seminarian who is currently in school. They come from everywhere. And there's a short message that says, 'Today, pray for...' And it has their name and a few words about where they're from and what they're doing.â? The application is completely free. It's only available in Spanish currently but an English version will be released soon. JRB/ATO MG/AA -SV -PR Up:FV #Tecnologí­a