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Rome Reports

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A dream come true: disabled youth meet Pope Francis

"Viva Francisco.â? Their trip can best be summed up by their jubilant faces. These nine disabled people are from the Spanish association "Niños con Amor.â? Together with three of their guardians, they made the trip to Rome to see the Pope. After their time in the general audience, they can say  "mission accomplished!â? NURIA Guardian, "Niños con Amorâ? "For us this has been a dream come true. We didn't think we would be able to achieve this but we did.â? They were so close to the Pope that they were able to give him all the gifts they brought from Spain.  ROSI  "It was the first time I have come and I had never seen him so close.â? NURIA Guardian, "Niños con Amorâ? "They said so much to him, like 'Papa, Papa...Pope, Pope, come closer we have gifts for you.' But above all, it was their faces, filled with such joy â?¦ After all we have been through, seeing the Pope's face has been the most satisfying part of this trip.â? Thanks to donations from Spanish convents, they have been able to tour Italy for 10 days. They want to show the world they are capable. Although, this hasn't always been made easy for them. NURIA Guardian, "Niños con Amorâ? "It's been hard because we have come across many obstacles, especially human obstacles. Because, each day we run through our lives without stopping to think that there are people that are really in need, and that require help. They are not used to this. They just need time. They are capable of doing it all, they just need a little bit more time. That's all.â? They have been planning this trip since last year. Now, it is finally a reality. Pope Francis blessed and greeted them. They gave him cards, pictures and bookmarks. "Niños con Amorâ? was founded in 1995 with the mission to help disabled people in their adult years. This trip was meant to give them the opportunity to experience something just as anyone else would. AC / AZ /ATO MG SV -PR Up:AC