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Walls: Documentary sheds light on life along the border

It's a film that sheds light on bordering nations and the walls that separate them.   "I don't forget a face. I promise you. If I see you again, I will arrest you and you will sleep in jail.â? Filmed in four continents, the film titled 'Walls' presents eight personal stories of people who are directly affected by a physical barrier. A wall that inevitably results in an inner barrier as well.  "My children are on the other side. That is my obstacle: The wall.â?  It's a universal theme, that's lived locally. The film includes the wall between the U.S and Mexico, Zimbabwe and South Africa, India and Bangladesh and Spain with Morocco.  "It doesn't stop a movement. People are going to move. We are all going to move. We are all human beings. We all came from somewhere. So it's like a survival game.â? "We are the mice and they are the cats.â?  "We have dreams and they have hopes, like everyone else. We all share the same basic emotions no matter where you are.â? The film is produced by Arena Comunicación and is directed by Pablo Iraburu and Migueltxo Molina. More than taking sides or pushing a political agenda, they say it's simply about showing a reality that's lived in different parts of the globe.  KLH  Arena Comunicacion SV PR Up: IPC