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Pope to young workers and unemployed: I suffer when I see so many young people without work

Pope Francis met with young people from the "Polychoir Project,� an initiative from the Italian Episcopal Conference that promotes employment. They told Pope Francis what the project has done for thousands of young people. "It has offered them skills needed to build their future with their own hands. Thanks to this program, whatever was dead, lack of work, has converted to life.� Work gives people dignity, the Pope explained. He added that it is a right for everyone, not just the most privileged. POPE FRANCIS "Work is not a nice gift granted to a few of the recommended. It is a right for everyone!� He also lamented that there are many young people without work, including many who have given up hope in finding a job. POPE FRANCIS "I keep your work in mind, because I suffer when I see so many young people without work.� For 20 years, the Polychoir Project has helped the most vulnerable youth in southern Italy with formation programs, micro-credit for businesses, and assistance finding work. AC/ATO CTV V -BN Up:ATO