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Pope meditates on the teachings of Baby Jesus during general audience

Pope Francis spoke during his general audience on the custom of placing a Nativity in the homes during Christmas. That is why he invites catholics to reflect on what the Baby Jesus teaches to them.  "We can learn a lot from Him just by observing the children,â? said the Pope. "Jesus asks us to care for and protect himâ? which is to recognize and serve whoever we face. SUMMARY OF THE POPE'S CATECHESIS IN ENGLISH: Dear Brothers and Sisters The Gospels tell us little about our Lordâ??s childhood, we know from experience the message which all newborn babies bring. Like every baby, the Infant Jesus cries out for our attention; he asks us to care for and protect him.  Like every baby, he wants us to smile at him, as a sign of our delight in him and our sharing in the mystery of his love.  Finally, he wants us to play with him, to enter into his world and to become like a child ourselves, in order to please him.  In these days of Christmas, let us not only gaze upon the Child Jesus, but also take him into our arms and allow him to give us the joy and freedom born of the Fatherâ??s merciful love. I welcome the English-speaking visitors taking part in todayâ??s Audience, including the pilgrimage groups from Norway, the Philippines and the United States of America. wishes that the the Churchâ??s celebration of the Jubilee of Mercy will be a moment of spiritual renewal for all.  I invoke upon you and your families an abundance of joy and peace in the Lord.