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Rome Reports

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Why Japanese music was playing at a Catholic church in Rome

In la Chiesa di San Giorgio, this congregation experienced a little bit of Japan right here in Rome. In collaboration with the Pontifical Council for Culture, the Embassy of Japan organized a concert in this church. Soloist Yosuke Irie performed the concert, which features the traditional Japanese bamboo flute.  This program had both traditional and modern Japanese music, along with familiar songs like "What a Friend We Have in Jesusâ? and "Amazing Grace.â?  YOSUKE IRIE Shakuhach Musician  "To be a musician and a composer are two different things. So when I play my music, the music I composed, and I see that itâ??s greatly appreciated, that is my proudest moment.â? Master Irie is no stranger to international concerts. Outside of Rome, he has performed in cities such as Melbourne, Paris, Washington, and Dubai. Despite the frequent issue of language barriers when traveling, he believes his music communicates everything. YOSUKE IRIE Shakuhach Musician  "The things that make me most happy is the fact that when I go abroad, outside of Japan, I cannot use the language of the place I go. But the music can explain everything.â? After Rome, the musician will travel to Sicily and Malta, for more live performances.  ZS RR SV -PR: Up:IPC