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IMF head Christine Lagarde meets with Pope Francis again

Pope Francis held an apparently cordial meeting with Ms. Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary fund (IMF). The two leaders previously met in the Vatican in December of 2014 to speak about issues regarding Europe's economic afflictions. The International Monetary Fund  is composed of 188 countries and was established in 1944 to help countriesâ?? manage their finances.  Lagarde introduced Pope Francis to some of her collaborators. SEAN HAGAN IMF, Director of the Legal Department "His Holiness. It's an honor. Thank you for placing so much importance on prayer.â? According to various publications, Lagarde has served as a spearhead in an efforts to increase female labor force participation as way to reduce poverty and inequality. POPE FRANCIS "Pray for me and I will pray for you.â? MS. CHRISTINE LAGARDE Managing Director of the International Monetary fund (IMF) "I will do the same. Thank youâ? Lagarde is the IMFâ??s first female managing director.  YA CTV JM -BN Up:JRB #Popefrancis