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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis and Ronaldinho launch the second match for peace

Pope Francis again has convened a sporting match for peace. Costa Rican Bryan Ruiz and former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho attended the presentation of the event. "Would you have liked it if he would have played for San Lorenzo.â? Ronaldinho was accompanied by several relatives who greeted the Pope before he was bombarded with questions.  Pope Francis said that you have to ask a Brazilian two questions. The first part of the conversation is not known but the answer was as follows: "Was it water?â? "No, It was not water.â? And the second question put him on the spot: "And second: Who was a better soccer player? Pele or Maradona?â? "Let's just leave them guessing and in suspense.â? Ronaldinho participated in the World Congress of Scholas Occurrentes, a global network spearheaded by the Pope to promote the exchange of projects and activities among young students around the world. The Pope said that youth education should cover various fields of life, including sports, among other things, to prevent social exclusion. During the World Congress of Scholas Occurrentes, two initiatives were launched. The first initiative was Scholas Arts and the second was match for peace. This event will be on held May 29th at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. The first game was played in September 2014 and brought together soccer legends like Diego Simeone, Javier Zanetti, Gianluigi Buffon, Ivan Zamorano, and also Maradona. JRB/YA CTV --BN up:JMB #Pope Francis