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Pope Francis: The story of charity is the history of the Church

It is the ten-year anniversary of the publication of Pope Benedictâ??s Encyclical Letter "Deus Caritas Est,â? and the context of the conference with the theme "Love never failsâ? was studied from February 25-26th.  As a postscript to this meeting, Pope Francis met with the participants on Friday. He noted that the first encyclical of his predecessor touches a theme that runs throughout the history of the Church: charity. POPE FRANCIS "The first Encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI concerns a theme that allows us to retrace the entire history of the Church, which is also a history of charity. It is a story of the love received from God, to be carried to the world: this charity received and given is the fulcrum of the history of the Church and of the history of each one of us.â? Before taking a photo with all the participants, the Pope expressed a desire: that every believer and every institution of the Church reveal that God loves mankind. IPC/YA CTV -JM -BN -Up:YA