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Pope Francis gives a surprise visit to drug addicts, who invited him to pizza

On Friday afternoon, the Pope visited this drug rehabilitation center by surprise. And look how he was received. "Come to greet him!" "It leaves us speechless." After condemning drug trafficking and requesting that it not be fought by supplying soft drugs, the Pope wanted to personally embrace those struggling to get clean. They belong to the Don Mario Picchi Italian Center of Solidarity. Some showed the Pope photos of their family and children, others told him their story. "I am proud of having shaken your hand, of having kissed you, because for me, I'll say it again ... Well, your name is like mine. Or my name is like yours. " They prayed together and the Pope blessed them. He gave them an icon of Our Lady of Lujan with many faces on it, and told them that life is an encounter with the faces of others. They took a photo together and carried out one of Pope Francis' dreams: to eat pizza in peace. This visit is one of the surprise gestures of charity that the Pope is making during the Jubilee. They are works of mercy with a strong human message. JMB CTV VM - BN up: IPC