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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis laments that there is no protection or respect for the value of human life

The Pope met with the Pontifical Academy for Life in Rome for their plenary assembly. Pope Francis explained that when a man sways  from the truth, he begins to confuse good with evil. He also recalled that, in today's society, there are institutions like this that stand for the service of life. Yet, there are other institutions with other interests. POPE FRANCIS "But there are many other institutions concerned more for economic interests than the common good. Speaking of virtue means affirming that the choice of good implies and involves the whole person; It is not a 'cosmetic' issue.â? The Pope lamented that there is a lack of humanity in science. He also spoke  about contemporary culture not respecting and protecting human life. He condemned that ideological colonization is passing off as a modern virtue. POPE FRANCIS "We have to be attentive to the new ideological settlements that penetrate human thought and Christian beliefs, in the form of virtue, modernity, new attitudes â?¦ Yet colonization's remove the ideological freedom. There is a fear of the reality that God has created.â? Finally, he asked that universities and medical centers teach and apply the principles of defense and promotion of human life. AC/YA CTV -SV -BN up:FV