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Pope Francis Minute: an animated series about the Catholic faith and beyond

There are many different ways of talking about the Catholic faith. That is why the website Catholic Link created cartoons to bring Pope Francis' words to young children. "Hey! How many mothers did Jesus have? -Hi there, Mary is Jesus' only mother, even if she holds many different devotions. -Oh, like my wife, she uses a different dress for every place.� The YouTube series "Pope Francis Minute� surfaces after the success of a four minute viral video about the life of the new Pope was made in 2013. It was translated in 20 different languages, even in Korean. "But who is he? Where does he come from? How is he? Jorge Mario Bergoglio.� MAURICIO ARTIEDA Director 'Catholic Link' "It's a place where we collect his words, try to be very faithful to what the Pope says in his homilies, in his speeches, and add characters to narrate how I believe the Pope would want to be narrated. It is closely linked to real life people, with many images of everyday life. The Pope's words have always provided that.� Creatives from 16 different countries have collaborated to make these videos. Scripts are written by teams. The illustrations come from Costa Rica, and editing is completed in Ecuador. And the animation is a success that has even been noticed by the Vatican. MAURICIO ARTIEDA Director 'Catholic Link' "I know that the videos are seen and sent to other members of the Curia. Some bishops and people from the Vatican Curia find the videos fun. They are entertaining, very lively.� Besides getting praise from his peers, Pope Francis' videos have already been used as part of a religion curriculum in some schools. IPC/YA AA/Catholic Link VM -PR Up: IPC