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Rome Reports

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The Pope travels by bus to begin his week of spiritual exercises

After the usual Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis went to Ariccia, 40 kilometers from Rome, to start a week of spiritual exercises with the Curia. He arrived in this small bus with his famous black briefcase, and was greeted by everyone who was there waiting for him. -Welcome -How are you? -Welcome. We are very happy Some of those in charge of the House wanted to be very welcoming. ; 'May I hug you? The Pope gave his first tour of the facilities in the Divin Maestro House, even though he has been familiar with it for years. His daily schedule will include two meditations at 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., mass at 11:30, morning and evening prayers, and a Eucharistic adoration before dinner. Pope Francis will return on Friday to Rome to resume his normal schedule which is suspended this week. IPC/MP CTV JM BN up: IPC