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The surprising list of the happiest countries in the world

The latest report on World Happiness 2016 indicates that the happiest countries in the world are Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland. What do they have in common? It's not only about money. According to some authors of the report, other aspects are also assessed, such as social support their inhabitants receive or the generosity they experience. JOHN HELLIWELL University of British Columbia "People are asked all over the world not just 'are you happy?' the emotion, like I ask you, but to think of your life as a ladder with the worst possible life as a 0 and the best as a 10. How would you rate your life today?â?  "And in the World Happiness Report we not only report those answers, but we try to explain what makes people happier in some countries than others.â? Some of the experts who worked on the report explained the keys in a forum called "The Courtyard of the Gentiles," organized by the Vatican. Jeffrey Sachs, who has twice been named among the 100 most influential people in the world, spoke before hundreds of young students. He said it is important to understand that is not selfish to claim personal happiness, but to be full, it should be shared with someone else. No one can be happy if they are alone. JEFFREY SACHS University of Columbia "What does it mean? We must, of course, look out for our own interests; but we aren't even human beings if we're not looking after the interest of others. If we're not living that philosophy today, now, when would we?â? Jeffrey Sachs also collaborated with Pope Francis on the last encyclical, Laudato si'. He told the students his impressions of the Argentine Pope. JEFFREY SACHS University of Columbia "His first message to the world was called Evangelii Gaudium. Gaudium, of course, Latin for joy. He used a phrase in Envangelii Gaudium that I think is the most important phrase that I know about the real state of life in our world today. He called it globalization of indifference, that we have a world of indifference where it is indifference that has been globalized." The report notes that there are other key factors to happiness such as family, friends or work. The factor that promotes unhappiness, of course, is war. It is no wonder that Syria, for example, is the penultimate on the list and Burundi comes in last. Ranking of Happiness  1. Denmark  2. Switzerland  3. Iceland  4. Norway  5. Finland  6. Canada  7. Netherlands  8. New Zealand  9. Australia  10. Sweden  11. Israel  12. Austria  13. United States  14. Costa Rica  15. Puerto Rico  16. Germany  17. Brazil  18. Belgium  19. Ireland  20. Luxembourg  21. Mexico  22. Singapore  23. United Kingdom  24. Chile  25. Panama  26. Argentina  27. Czech Republic  28. United Arab Emirates  29. Uruguay  30. Malta  31. Colombia  32. France  33. Thailand  34. Saudi Arabia  35. Taiwan  36. Qatar  37. Spain  38. Algeria  39. Guatemala  40. Suriname  41. Kuwait  42. Bahrain  43. Trinidad and Tobago  44. Venezuela  45. Slovakia  46. El Salvador  47. Malaysia  48. Nicaragua  49. Uzbekistan  50. Italy  51. Ecuador  52. Belize  53. Japan  54. Kazakhstan  55. Moldova  56. Russia  57. Poland  58. South Korea  59. Bolivia  60. Lithuania  61. Belarus  62. North Cyprus  63. Slovenia  64. Peru  65. Turkmenistan  66. Mauritius  67. Libya  68. Latvia  69. Cyprus  70. Paraguay  71. Romania  72. Estonia  73. Jamaica  74. Croatia  75. Hong Kong  76. Somalia  77. Kosovo  78. Turkey  79. Indonesia  80. Jordan  81. Azerbaijan  82. Philippines  83. China  84. Bhutan  85. Kyrgyzstan  86. Serbia  87. Bosnia and Herzegovina  88. Montenegro  89. Dominican Republic  90. Morocco  91. Hungary  92. Pakistan  93. Lebanon  94. Portugal  95. Macedonia  96. Vietnam  97. Somaliland region  98. Tunisia  99. Greece  100. Tajikistan  101. Mongolia  102. Laos  103. Nigeria  104. Honduras  105. Iran  106.Zambia  107. Nepal  108. Palestinian Territories  109.Albania  110. Bangladesh  111. Sierra Leone  112. Iraq  113. Namibia  114. Cameroon  115. Ethiopia  116. South Africa  117. Sri Lanka  118. India  119. Myanmar  120. Egypt  121. Armenia  122. Kenya  123. Ukraine  124. Ghana  125. Congo (Kinshasa)  126. Georgia  127. Congo (Brazzaville)  128. Senegal 129. Bulgaria  130. Mauritania  131. Zimbabwe  132. Malawi  133. Sudan  134. Gabon  135. Mali 136. Haiti 137. Botswana 138. Comoros  139. Ivory Coast  140. Cambodia  141. Angola  142. Niger  143. South Sudan  144. Chad  145. Burkina Faso  146. Uganda  147. Yemen  148. Madagascar  149. Tanzania  150. Liberia  151. Guinea  152. Rwanda  153. Benin  154. Afghanistan 155. Togo  156. Syria  157. Burundi  JRB/MB AA VM/JM -PR Up:IPC #Mundo