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Pope meets with Costa Rican President: hints that a future visit to country is possible

Pope Francis received the President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solí­s Rivera, who was accompanied by his partner and daughters, in the Vatican on Friday.  "Holy Father.â?  "How are you?â?  "Thank you for receiving me.â? The meeting between both leaders was friendly and cordial. Mr. Solí­s spoke about the good relationship between the Holy See and Costa Rica among other things, such as Rome's current warm weather.  "A little bit...the climate here is wonderful.â?   The two leaders also had some presents to give each other. The Costa Rican president bestowed the Pope some gifts, which include an ornate wooden anteater. For his part, Pope Francis presented President Solis with a peace medallion that bears the symbol of an olive tree. Before leaving, the president invited the Pope to travel to Costa Rica and visit the rest of Central America and before saying goodbye, the Pope hinted that he would consider it.  "There is something that I'm thinking about in Central America... So it's possible, it's possible...â? "That would bring a lot of joy to all of the people.â?  YA CTV -VM -BN up:FV #PopeFrancis