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Rome Reports

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Pope moved by children's drawings of the danger migrants face when fleeing by sea

About 400 children from southern Italy have traveled to the Vatican to see the ;Pope, and look how they received him. Interestingly enough, it was both a happy and sad meeting at the same time. "Good morning, Pope. Good morning to all. My name is Seconde, I am from Nigeria. I want to ask the Pope to pray for my family, and my friends who have gone to heaven. They died in the sea." Inside, the Pope listened to an orchestra formed by children who come from marginal environments. It is through music they have learned to build a better life. And those? They are waves. And what are the waves? Tell us what makes waves. They move. They move. And do they push you? Yes. And are they dangerous? Yes. What can they do to you? They can kill you. Repeat it, louder. They can kill people. The children brought the Pope money they had collected for refugee children in Lesbos. The Pope gave them this message to unite those who ask to be welcomed with those that can give shelter. They can do so with their drawings, with their music and sports. JMB/MB CTV VM - BN up: MB