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Rome Reports

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Jubilee of the Sick: Medical care provided for the homeless near the Vatican

Four structures like this have been installed throughout Rome and near the four major basilicas of the city. They are called "Health Pointsâ? stores, where the homeless of the city can do a complete medical examination for free.  This is one of the initiatives promoted by the Vatican for the Jubilee dedicated to sick people. RAFFAELE LANDOLFI Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Rome) "Here we have everything necessary for the prevention of cancer in women. They can take a PAP test, mammography, and ultrasound, they can also be vaccinated for pneumonia.â? SABINA COLOMBO Vice President of MEDTAG "Living outside, sleeping outside in the winter ... Pneumonia is the leading cause of death. We give them the vaccine that prevents them from getting it, for up to five years. We especially give it to the elderly, who are the most vulnerable.â? Most patients who come in are refugees from charity centers. Others come alone and live in utter neglect. "This is very good for me because I have no money to go to the hospital. I haven't seen a doctor in two years. FLASH. I live in an abandoned house. It is a shack but at least it does not rain inside.â? The Jubilee of the sick culminates on Sunday with a Mass presided by the Pope. The four health points will be operational until the end of the Jubilee of the sick. The 250 volunteers will take turns in shifts from 9 am to 8 pm. Another kind gesture to note in this year of mercy. JRB/YA AA VM -PR Up:YA