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Rome Reports

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Five cities in three days and an opportunity to see the Pope

This is their first time in Rome and let's just say they are a very excited to be here.  It's hard to believe that they only met yesterday. This group of pilgrims is traveling from Australia, South Africa and the United States. JANE WOODS Tourist from Australia  "We've done a fantastic tour of the Vatican City today and we are just loving the atmosphere of Rome. FLASH It's great! It's huge, it's busy, it's vibrant.â? They have been touring Rome together on an Italian travel expedition. The express bus tour has taken them to over five cities in three days.  JANE WOODS Tourist from Australia  "We've just met. We've never met each other before and we've just bonded and are getting on very well and having a great time.â? The Eternal City is one of their last stops on this trip. And just like that, they said their goodbyes and set off under the hot Roman Sun.  YA AA G PR Up:JRB