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The Pope meets with Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta

On Thursday, Pope Francis met with the Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Fra' Robert Matthew Festing. Festing was joined by 11 knights. They were all wearing their traditional red and white uniforms. As a gift, Festing gave the Pope a silver medallion of St. John of the Hospitallers.  "It's a reproduction of one of the oldest medals of the order.â?  "We had it produced for the Jubilee of Mercy.â? In turn, the Pope gave the grand master copies of the "Evangelii gaudium,â? "Laudato siâ? and "Amoris laetitia.â? Pope Francis also gave him a medallion of his pontificate.  "Thank you very much.â? "That's very, very kind.â? They all prayed the "Ave Mariaâ? together before leaving.  YA CTV -SV PR Up:YA