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Pope Francis: "It isn't right to say that Islam is a terrorist faith"

It was an intense press conference with Pope Francis on the plane back from WYD in Krakow. The Pope spoke to reporters about Islamic fundamentalism, and repeated that it is not fair to identify Islam with violence. POPE FRANCIS "I think that in almost all religions there is always a small fundamentalist group... Fundamentalist. We also have them. When fundamentalism goes as far as to kill - you can kill with your tongue, the apostle James says so, not me, and you can kill with a sword - I don't think it's fair to identify Islam with violence. This is not fair and it's not true." The Pope also said he is convinced that coexistence between people of various religions is possible. He called on society to combat the malaise that is at the root of terrorism. POPE FRANCIS "Terrorism grows when there are no other options, and when the center of the global economy is the god of money and not people â?? men and women â?? this is already the first terrorism. You have cast out the wonder of creation â?? man and woman â?? and you have put money in its place. This is a basic terrorism against all of humanity! Think about it!" The Pope also joked about the surprising fall that he took when he celebrated Mass at the Shrine of Czestochowa. POPE FRANCIS "I was busy gazing at the Virgin and I forgot about the little step! I was holding the thurible and when I felt I was falling I let myself go and this is what saved me. Had I resisted the fall, there would have been consequences. But everything was ok. I'm fine." In addition, the director of Rome Reports, Javier Martí­nez-Brocal, gave the Pope gifts from young Panamanians to thank him for chosing the next WYD in their country. -"How are you, Holy Father? You said to us at the meeting with volunteers that maybe you are not going to Panama. You cannot do this to us. We will wait for you in Panama." -"No, no. I may not go. Peter will go. Whomever." -"We want you to go. I have brought two things on behalf of the Panamanians. A T-shirt with the number 17, which is your date of birth and then the hat worn by farmers in Panama, who have asked if you would put it on." -"In tribute to the Panamanians." -"Thank you very much. If you want to greet the Panamanians..." -"To the Panamanians: thank you very much for this and I wish you well in your preparations, with the same force, the same spirituality and the same depth with which the Poles have prepared, both the Krakowians and Poles." JMB/MB AA VM - BN up:MB