Pope Francis proposes a new work of mercy: Caring for the common home

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The pope proposes a new work of mercy: the care of the common home. He shares his message at the World Day of Prayer for Creation held every September 1. It is titled,  â??Show Mercy to our Common Homeâ?? and was presented today at the Vatican.

Pope Francis asks Christians to show kindness to their common home, the planet; 'through the scandalous destruction of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity, and the specter of climate change.�

He further invites all to repent the 'harm we are doing to the earth through pollution� and to 'acknowledge that this is
sin against creation, against the poor, against those who have not yet been born.�

President, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace 
'If we truly desire to repent, we can confess our sins against the Creator, creation, and our brothers and sisters. And 'the merciful grace of God received in the sacrament will help us to do so. Once we have done this, Pope Francis says, we are ready to amend our lives and change the course of our lives.�

In his encyclical Laudato Si,' he proposes a change of attitude towards nature and offers a series of simple but effective tips such as ways of using less plastic and paper, not wasting water and food. He also suggests an alternative 'green' solution to utilizing electricity, by using the public transportation system or carpooling. The pope says that 'one personâ??s good example can encourage others to do better.â?

Author, 'The Guardian of Mercy�
'How do we begin to change the course? Actually in this Pope Francis is very concrete. He said 'think in actions� regardless in how small begin with yourself.�

This day also has an important ecumenical aspect as Christian churches have joined on this particular day of prayer for Creation.

Secretary, Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity
'For us, who constantly work with difficult inter-religious dialogue, we have serious and profound problems that still have to be resolved. The fact that there is this spiritual atmosphere between us, which we all agree, creates the possibility to confront the theological differences with a very positive spirit.�

Following this amendment, the pope also denounced the general self-serving interests that tend to play a role in the world of economics and politics. Instead of accumulating financial or electoral gains, he is more interested in forming a true appreciation for the common good, including a 'firm purpose of amendment.â? 


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