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Rome Reports

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Pope meets with soccer players from Roma and San Lorenzo de Almagro

Pope Francis held a meeting on Friday with players from the Roma team and San Lorenzo de Almagro in Buenos Aires. The two teams will play a charity match on Saturday in honor of Pope Francis. All the benefits of the encounter will go to the recovery of the area affected by the earthquake in central Italy last week. That is why the pope wanted to thank both teams for their generosity. POPE FRANCIS "I am very grateful for this game and your generosity to think of those who were affected by the earthquake. It is a difficult situation." In a casual meeting, both the pope and players exchanged gifts, but hints of rivalry could be seen. Pope Francis, who has been a supporter of San Lorenzo his whole life, gave this gift to Roma players. POPE FRANCIS ; "Roma needs to fly high, so I think a San Lorenzo plane would be fitting." ; He also gave them this old shirt from his team, like the ones they wore when he was young. POPE FRANCIS "Since it's cold, you need the shirt. I also give you this T-shirt, I think it was one of the first I saw when I went to the stadium as a child." ; The Roma team gave the pope a shirt with his name and the number one on it. In addition, they asked him to sign another shirt for them. The president of San Lorenzo was no less, giving him a shirt with the name of the team's most famous fan, Pope Francis. After delivering the gifts, the pope greeted the delegations of both teams, wishing them both luck in the game. AG/MB CTV VM -BN Up:AC