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Rome Reports

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All about Pope Francis' visit to a hospital for babies

Perhaps one of the most moving places in each hospital is that of newborns. On Friday, the pope visited "San Giovanni" hospital in Rome, to see and hold some of the smallest people. In addition to being with the babies, he gave each crib a medal as a gift and greeted their parents. I will place the pope's gift here. What is his name? Emiliano. The pope was in the emergency ward, in which there were five children in very serious, intensive care. He wore the same green scrubs and face mask as others working in the hospital, so as to not infect the youngest present. He also visited another area, where they spend time helping other babies survive. ; When was he born? The 12th. He is named Giancarlo, and was born at only 7 months old. He's a bit premature. But he's okay. He will only stay a short while longer, then we can take him home. There the pope also met some old acquaintances. Do you remember this photo? You married us. She is the fruit of our love. What is her name? ; Aurora. Taking advantage of his time outside the Vatican, the pope also visited a hospice. At the door, he was received by the director of the structure. I am delighted to welcome you to this house of life. The pope also wanted to enter the rooms of the sick, to greet each one personally. However, one of the patients preferred to leave to meet him in the chapel. Pray for me. I will pray for you. What is your name? Guido. With these two visits, the pope wanted to pay homage to Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She was a firm defender of life and was just canonized on September 4. JMB/MB CTV F - BN up:FV