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Pope: When things go well between men and women, the world also goes well

Pope Francis met with the prestigious Pontifical "John Paul IIâ? Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, which has offices on five continents. The pope thanked them for their work because "the uncertainty and disorientation that affect the fundamental affections of the person and of life destabilize all bonds, family and social, causing â??Iâ?? always to prevail over â??we,â?? the individual over society." The pope also addressed gender ideology. POPE FRANCIS "It is impossible to deny the contribution of modern culture to the rediscovery of the dignity of sexual difference. Therefore, it is also very disconcerting to observe that this culture has a tendency to cancel out difference instead of resolving the problems that mortify it." The pope recalled that the family is the place where one learns the initiation of the creative alliance and sexual difference between men and women, a fragile relationship that once broken has great consequences in all areas of society. For this reason, the pope said, when things go well between man and woman, the world and history, also go well. JMB/MB CTV SV - BN Up:AC