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Rome Reports

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Pope speaks of hope while saying Mass for All Souls Day in Rome cemetery

With an eerie sky looming overhead, the pope gathered  in "Prima Porta,â? one of the largest cemeteries in Rome. Before starting Mass, the pope placed traditional yellow and white roses on top of gravestones to remember all those who have passed away.  Remembering the book of Job during the Mass, the pope spoke about how in the midst of anguish and the pain of suffering, Job still proclaimed hope.  POPE FRANCIS "The hope of the resurrection. And who did this path first? Jesus. We walk the path that He has completed. And who has opened the door for us? It was He, Jesus. With His cross, He has opened the door of hope. There, He has opened the door to enter where we can contemplate God.â? The pope said this path reminds Christians of the future. Despite death and the pain of suffering, which everyone shares at certain times, this path is a sign of hope to continue moving forward.  As such, the pope finished his homily by recounting that following All Saints Day on November 1, All Souls Day is a day to remember for two separate reasons.  POPE FRANCIS  "Let's go home today with this double memory: the memory of past, of those of us who are gone. And the memory of the future, the path in which we're going. With certainty, with assurance, this certainty out of the lips of Jesus, who said, 'I will raise you on the last day.'â? At the end of Mass, attendees expressed their thanks to the pope by giving him a round of applause, while a group from China waved mini versions of their country's flag.  MB RR -SV -BN Up:MB