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Rome Reports

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Pilgrims rush to Rome for final days of Jubilee to gain indulgence

Pilgrims rush to Rome for the last days of the Holy Year to take advance of passing through the Jubilee door in one of the most important basilicas, St. Peter's. While traveling to see the Holy Door, these pilgrims also tried to see the pope. The visitors bring traditions from their respective countries like Asia, America, and Africa, and others prefer to bring a slightly different type of custom, that of Disneyland ... "We were two meters away from him. We could film him, photograph him, and we almost wanted to say 'hello' to him, but it was not possible." "I was able to see him, I was quite close, I was on the fifth row from the front and I've got some very nice pictures to take back as a remembrance. So, it was awesome.â?  Those who have traveled to the Vatican for a Wednesday during the Jubilee Year have been able to see the pope and hear a catechesis on Mercy. His latest was on the importance of caring for the sick. POPE FRANCIS "A visit can make the sick person feel less alone, and a little company is the perfect medicine. A smile, a caress, a handshake are all simple gestures, but are very important for those who feel abandoned to their fate.â? "It's a very nice environment to feel so close, and see that the pope wants to be close to the people." Up until the end of October, 20 million people have passed through the Holy Door of the Vatican. They pray, go to confession, go to Mass and some continue inside in silence until they are about to leave the basilica, deep in thought about how to cherish this moment; a moment for change, a moment for conversion, a moment in which to look with optimism toward the future. JRB/MB CTV FL -BN Up:JRB