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The Vatican will take part in 2017 Expo about energies of the future

The Vatican will participate in the next Expo in Astana, Kazakhstan, which will take place from June to September 2017. Its motto: the energy of the future.  Cardinal Turkson's team is working in the planning of the Holy See's pavillion.  In a world where one out of four people lives without electricity, the Vatican wants to lend a hand, so that, in the not so distant future, everyone can have access to energy.  CARD. PETER TURKSON Dicastery for Integral Human Development "The theme of the Expo impels us to think of ways of achieving social justice in the field of energy, and how to grant access to it for countries that lack energy and resources, making sure that energy is used in a clean and ethical way.â? The Vatican will have its own pavillion named "Energy for the common good: Taking care of the common home.â? It will have an itinerary full of experiences and intellectual and spiritual proposals The Vatican's proposal has five pillars: 1) Energy is a common good of all mankind. 2) Every human being is responsible for it and must contribute to global energy.  3) Energy management must foster peace and not conflict.  4) The main goal of energy is fostering human development. 5) Cooperation between people of all faiths is instrumental to universal access to energy.   Cardinal Peter Turkson says that there is another kind of energy, which is also essential. CARD. PETER TURKSON Dicastery for Integral Human Development "There is another kind of energy that exists in all of us: spiritual energy. The energy of prayer, which drives us to good deeds and actions.â? On September 2, 2017, the Holy See pavillion at the Expo will host an inter-religious meeting to discuss the ecological encyclical Laudato Si'. CARD. PETER TURKSON Dicastery for Integral Human Development "We take part in the Expo as citizens of the world, to meet other members o f this great family and to think of ways to protect our common home.â? Cardinal Peter Turkson states that the Vatican does not intend to change the ideas of the rest imposing its own, but rather wants to spark a meaningful conversation about energy that will improve the lifes of people that currently have no access to it.  AQ/AG MG - RR ? - PR Up: ag