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Vatican and FAO propose port measures to stop abuses in the seas

The Vatican and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have denounced the abuses that take place within the world's fishing industry during a meeting organized by World Fishing Day. The push also seeks protection for fishermen, forced to work for months or years on the high seas in situations that are sometimes inhuman, with beatings, psychological abuse, and almost no food.  JOSÉ GRAZIANO DA SILVA Director General, FAO "We have to guarantee that the seafood reaching our plates has been produced not only in an environmentally sustainable manner; but also in a manner that supports the socioeconomic well-being of those who harvest and process it.â? CARD. PIETRO PAROLIN Vatican Secretary of State "We must do this by focusing on three fundamental objectives: aid for the exploited and degraded fishermen, so as to facilitate their rehabilitation and reintegration; compliance by States and Governments with the existing international rules on fishing, and, specifically, working in the fishing sector; fighting against trafficking and smuggling using means, including coercive measures, to impose the rule of law and human rights standard.â?  The good news is that an international convention takes place this month to ensure that fishermen have safe working conditions and health care, written labor contracts and social security. Above all, FAO and the Vatican called for the use of the "Agreement on Port State Measures." The start-up will allow for the control of vessels, so they cannot unlawfully and freely unload the illegal captures. It will be a blow against illegal fishing, which often involves the use of clandestine workers, who are practically enslaved. JMB/MB FAO F - PR Up:FV