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Rome Reports

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Christmas in the Vatican with a Mexican flavor

There are several nativity scenes in the Vatican, but this one in Paul VI Audience Hall stands out. It comes from Queretaro, Mexico. A delegation came from that city to the Vatican, and they did not go unnoticed. They have been working a whole year on their costumes and their music. FAUSTINO ARMENDíRIZ JIMÉNEZ Bishop of Querétaro (Mexico) "Artists have come, artisans have come, musicians have come... So it is a good opportunity for people to get to know our state. It is all very detailed, and it all has a meaning. The feathers, for example. We don't kill a bird to take them. We wait for them to shed them. Some are painted, some are natural and we prepare them, and we need two ours to put together our "copilis.â? They are called "copilis.â? The Querétaro nativity scene, the costumes, and the instruments have a special flavor: that of the Mexican and Latin American craftmanship. It is a craftmanship that shows the patience and toil of the countryfolk.   The costumes have been sewn and tinted by hand. Making a shield, for example, has taken them a whole week. "This places gives us the chills, the chills... hence the drums. They signify the beat of our hearts, which makes us show and give our heart on each note".     CARLOS GARRIDO State of Querétaro (Mexico) "Rome is a special place, one of the birthplaces of world culture. For us it is an honor ot be here at Via della Conciliazione showing these pictures that show the cultural wealth of our state.â? The Nativity scene, the Querétaro pictures and other local craftmanship will be displayed in the Vatican until February 2017.   JRB MG/CTV -F -PR Up:JD #Mundo