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Rome Reports

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Vatican and China brought together by art

A handshake between the Vatican and China... At least through art... Like this.   This is the first time that one of today's most prominent Chinese artists performs works in the Vatican. At Castel Gandolfo, Cui Zimo, worked on his calligraphies to the sound of an opera, in front of dozens of spectators. He stood in the patio where  many pilgrims have heard the different popes' catecheses throughout history.   The Vatican Museum invited the Chinese artist to the event "Beauty that unites.â?   CUI ZIMO Chinese artist "Art brings people together. It is a message that the pope conveys often.â? This is the painting that he did at Castel Gandolfo, "Anima Mundi,â? a Chinese calligraphy that carries a universal message. CUI ZIMO Chinese artist "Using the Chinese calligraphy I depict a hand holding another hand. It represents universal love, not only amongst people, but also religions and cultures.â? One of these paintings will remain in Rome, in the University of the Holy Cross. The other will be kept in the Vatican Museums, and he gave the pope a third one. CUI ZIMO Chinese artist "We stayed at Santa Marta for four days. We had lunch together. I was very excited. He is a very nice person.â? He had the opportunity to stay under the same roof as Pope Francis. Even though neither speak the other's language, they understood each other thanks to a spirit of openness and welcoming.   CUI ZIMO Chinese artist "When we acknowledge culture, art, and religion, differences disappear.â? Maybe art will open the door for a future of greater understanding between China and the Holy See, thanks to artists like Cui Zimo.     AC AA -F -PR Up:JD