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Pope warns ambassadors of populist ideologies that view others as enemies to destroy

The pope has given important tips to the West on how to respond to fundamentalist terrorism and the arrival of emigrants. Pope Francis met with all the ambassadors accredited to the Vatican for the traditional speech of the beginning of the year. He dedicated it to "security and peace," given the general climate of uncertainty and anguish for the future that is present in the world today. The pope denounced the terrorist attacks committed by fundamentalists and called on leaders of all religions to condemn them as well. In addition, he also asked politicians to take action in a different way. POPE FRANCIS "Religious leaders have the task of transmitting religious values which do not allow a contrast between the fear of God and the love of neighbor. Government leaders are also responsible for ensuring that conditions do not exist that can serve as fertile terrain for the spread of forms of fundamentalism." ; The pope asked people to look at the drama emigrants face when escaping from their countries as refugees, so they are not only considered numbers contributing to a problem. He also warned of the risk of populist ideologies, but did not mention any particular country. ; POPE FRANCIS "Another enemy of peace is the ideology that exploits social unrest in order to foment contempt and hate, and views others as enemies to be eliminated. ;Sadly, new ideologies constantly appear on the horizon of humanity. ;Under the guise of promising great benefits, they instead leave a trail of poverty, division, social tensions, suffering and, not infrequently, death. ;Peace, on the other hand, triumphs through solidarity." ; At the end, Pope Francis greeted each of the ambassadors from the 182 countries with which the Holy See maintains diplomatic relations. It is one of the states that has the most ambassadors. The last country with which it has strengthened relations is the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. JMB/MB CTV VM - BN Up:AC