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A deacon and his priest son serve together in a papal Mass in St. Peter's Basilica

In the Mass for Our Lady of Guadalupe, something unusual took place. Accompanying the the pope around the altar that day were a father and a son. They are Fr. David Parker, and Deacon David Parker, from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Fr. David had been ordained just a few days before the Mass of Guadalupe as a Legionary of Christ, and his father is also newly ordained... a deacon.  Fr. David called in a few favors and managed to convince the organizers of the Mass to let him and his dad both serve, in what was an indescribable moment for this young priest. FR. DAVID PARKER "It's very surreal, to have my dad be a part of the Mass of the Holy Father. I also took part in a Mass of the Holy Father, as a deacon, in May. So having both of us had the chance to be with him, both of us who love the Holy Father so much, I really don't have any words to explain it.â? For Deacon David, a devout Catholic, being on the altar together with his newly ordained son was a truly remarkable experience.  DEACON DAVID PARKER "It was unbelievable to be so close to the Holy Father and to embrace him before Mass, and then to be so close to him during Mass... A man that I love. He's like a father to us so it was just beautiful.â? Both David's got to meet the pope in an General Audience the day David Jr. was ordained. This is what he told them. FR. DAVID PARKER "He gave us a rosary, and he said, 'pray the rosary every single day,' and he gave us a rosary and he gave us his blessing.â? Even though Fr. David is being appointed to a parish in Mexico, they both hope this won't be the last time they get to serve at a Mass together, as father and son.  AG MG VM -PR Up:AC