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Francis denounces a "hypocritical" economic system that tries to hide the evil it produces

In front of more than a thousand entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from the "Economy of Communion", the pope denounced the "hypocrisy" of the current economic system. He said that companies whose productions negatively affect the world try to cover their actions with good initiatives.  POPE FRANCIS "But â?? and this can never be said enough â?? capitalism continues to produce discarded people whom it would then like to care for. The principal ethical dilemma of this capitalism is the creation of discarded people, then trying to hide them or make sure they are no longer seen.â? These entrepreneurs have joined the economic and cultural project promoted by Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare movement. It is an international network of companies that look at the current system from a community perspective, as opposed to an individualist one. They assign projects and benefits to improve the places and people where they work. The pope told them to not only heal the victims of the current economic system, but also work to change the system, so that in the future there will be no more victims.  POPE FRANCIS "The first gift of the entrepreneur is of his or her own person: your money, although important, is too little. Money does not save if it is not accompanied by the gift of the person." Today, more than 800 companies from around the world have joined the "Economy of Communion" project. It was born in the early 90's, and serves as a concrete way to realize the Social Doctrine of the Church. JRB/JC CTV FL -BN Up:AC