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Pope Francis: Some who are in the boat with Peter are rowing in the opposite direction

To understand the importance of this magazine, "La Civiltí  Cattolica", something like "The Catholic Civilization", one should know that they are all Jesuit writers, and their articles are revised and corrected by the Vatican Secretariat of State before publication.  The pope has met with its authors to celebrate its 4,000th issue, and the launch of its editions in Spanish, English, French, and Korean. It was an important meeting because Pope Francis has publicly stated that "La Civiltí  Cattolica" gives a faithful interpretation of the documents of his Magisterium. The pope has asked them to make a Catholic magazine, not a magazine that defends Catholic ideas.  POPE FRANCIS "Only an open-minded spirit will be able to confront the crisis and understand where is our world going, how should we confront the complex political, economic and humanitarian crises of our world, beginning with the drama of global migrationâ?. Pope Francis said he would like it to be spread in universities and colleges, both for parents and teachers, and also to be used in seminars and training centers. Thus, given its special relationship with the Holy See, the pope has asked the bishops to support it. An anecdote was one of the first sentences of his speech at the meeting, in which the pope mentioned the rebellious collaborators.  POPE FRANCIS "You are in the boat of Peter. This, historically, both now and in the past, can be unsurprisingly shaken by the waves. But also, the same sailors called to row in the boat of Peter can row in the opposite direction. It has always happened." "La Civiltí  Cattolica" was born in 1850. Its current director is the Italian Jesuit Antonio Spadaro, a young theologian very active in social networks, and author of an important in-depth interview of Pope Francis.  JMB/JC CTV SV -BN Up:AC