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Pope in Angelus: Retaliation does not solve conflicts and is not Christian

During the Angelus, the pope once again called on the international community to set their eyes on the Central African Republic, which is one place where blood is being shed by war and violence. POPE FRANCIS "I suffer deeply for the victims, especially for so many children ripped from their families and their schools to be used as soldiers. This is a tragedy, child soldiers." He also remembered the populations in Pakistan and Iraq who are suffering, while inviting victims of violence to demand justice instead of seeking revenge. He said that revenge or retaliation to resolve conflicts does not lead anywhere. POPE FRANCIS "Retaliation never leads to the resolution of conflicts. 'You did it to me, I will do it back to you.' This never solves conflict and is not Christian either." Pope Francis recalled that the Gospel of the day spoke of the Christian revolution that ended the Talion law. The pope said Christianity introduced forgiveness and mercy in the world in a completely new way. JRB/MB CTV -FV -BN Up:MB