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Pope Francis at Angelus: "The Cross is not an ornament to wear. It's a call to love"

During Sunday's Angelus, the pope remembered 39 victims of a fire at a children's center in Guatemala. Pope Francis asked the pilgrims to pray in a special way for the youth who die because of violence.  POPE FRANCIS  "This is a sore, this is a hidden cry that must be heard by all of us. We cannot continue pretending that we do not see and we do not hear.â? Pope Francis also asked Christians for two things. That during this period of preparation for Holy Week, one reflects on the seriousness of sin and the salvation of the Cross.  POPE FRANCIS  "The Christian Cross is not something to hang in the house â??to tie the room togetherâ?? or an ornament to wear, but a call to love, with which Jesus sacrificed Himself to save humanity from sin and evil.â? The pope quickly resumed his normal activities after a week of spiritual exercises. That same afternoon, he went to a Roman parish. It is the 14th he visited in the four years of his pontificate.  JRB/JC CTV -SV -BN Up:MB