"Yes, I'm a doctor. I am a Christian and I have cured ISIS terrorists."

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There are three types of people who don't flee from a war: those in combat, those who can't leave and those who stay to help others.  

This is the case of this family from Iraq, who are all Christians. They had visited Rome, but have already returned to their country. He is a doctor and his hands have healed every type of war wound, including those from ISIS terrorists.  

'ISIS arrived in 2014. Everyone fled from the Plain of Nineveh, but we decided to stay. I am a doctor and my wife is a teacher, and we stayed to serve our people. ;The most difficult thing is to convince my colleagues to operate on patients from ISIS. They look at them like the enemy, but I try to convince them that this man is a human being. That's why we have to help them, even if the operation lasts two or three hours.'

 However, while he helps the wounded and sick from every way of life, his wife does not watch idly. At their home, they house 50 refugees.

'It's been a little difficult. Instead of cooking for four, I have to cook for 50. We have given up our bed and have gotten mattresses for the others. We must get up early to buy food for all these people. ;They came at night and we felt the need to help them, to feed them and to provide a bed where they can sleep.'  

The family belongs to the Focolare Movement and passed through Europe to share their testimony. In Rome, they were able to see the pope and gather a touch of hope to return back to the harsh reality of their country.  

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