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What does a cardinal have to confess?

"A Cardinal Confesses" is a declaration of intentions, and is also the title of this book. In an interview with Cardinal Lluís Martínez Sistach, Archbishop Emeritus of Barcelona, he ensures that the most important confession is this. CARD. LLUÍS MARTÍNEZ SISTACH Archbishop emeritus of Barcelona, Spain "The gift of faith that we have received makes a wonderful life possible. This is my confession. I believe that with this confession, which is the synthesis of the book, I will receive absolution for everything, because I feel I must publicly confess." ; In the Eternal City, the cardinal presented the Italian edition of the volume in which he compares the events of his life with the recent history of Spain. Among his memories, there is one that especially stands out. It was Cardinal Sistach's idea to ask the pope to consecrate this great temple designed by Antonio Gaudí. CARD. LLUÍS MARTÍNEZ SISTACH Archbishop emeritus of Barcelona, Spain "It was a gift from God and it was wonderful. It really left a special memory. Gaudí left us something wonderful, so who is the person who had to dedicate this basilica? A basilica so unique in the world for its beauty, originality and rich symbolism? The pope." Cardinal Sistach can say that his life is truly reflected in his book. In 1987, he was appointed bishop by John Paul II and in 2007, he was created cardinal by Benedict XVI. A couple of years ago he retired because of age, but that does not mean that he is inactive. CARD. LLUÍS MARTÍNEZ SISTACH Archbishop emeritus of Barcelona, Spain "I don't think I'm retired. I am very dynamic and this is 'A Cardinal Confesses,' but it is a particular confession; it is not a general confession. There can be more confessions." The book is available in Spanish, Catalan and Italian. It's a reminder of the recent history of the Church by one of Pope Francis' Spanish collaborators. AC MG SV -PR Up:JRB