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Credofunding: a website that brings forward inspirational Christian projects

Since 2014, this website has helped raise money for projects such as building houses for spiritual retreats, reforming churches, and even getting an organ to accompany Masses with music.   Its creator and financial expert, Eric Didio, saw that there were people with good projects, but without funding. EUGÉNIE BOUSCAYROL  Credo Funding "He grew up in a very committed catholic family. He had the idea of Credofunding when his sister, a Benedictine nun, was looking for funds in order to build an abbey. In 2014 a French decree allowed the banks and a lot of French households to lend their money through crowdfunding websites. Then credofunding was born.â? However, not just any project can be posted. Before appearing on the site, all proposals are carefully examined. EUGÉNIE BOUSCAYROL  Credo Funding "We apply strict criteria to our funding process: the projects must be linked to Christian values, related to education, culture or human assistance." The data speaks for itself, and also demonstrates the power the internet, and how it can be used in a positive and altruistic way. EUGÉNIE BOUSCAYROL  Credo Funding "According to a recall of March 2017, we have gained, from 12,600 donors, 1,7 million euros gathered by donations, and 190 projects funded and achieved.â? Sometimes it's just that: although the intention is good, it takes a little help from a neighbor to be able to turn a project into a reality.  AQ/JC CTV f - BN Up:jc