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Pope's meeting with youth in Egypt: Pray for those who you don't love

After dinner, the pope looked out of the embassy's balcony to greet these visitors. There were 300 young Egyptians who came to see him in Cairo. ;

"Francis, we love you."

He was with them for a few minutes, and together they prayed the Lord's Prayer, each in their own language. ;


"...Now I would like to give you the blessing. But first, let each of you think of the people that you love most. Now also think to those that you do not love. In silence, every one of us, pray for these people, for those who you love and for those you do not love."

Pope Francis bid them farewell by blessing them, and also blessing the people for whom they had prayed.

"Viva l'Egitto ..."

The following morning before going to Mass, Pope Francis went out to another balcony, this time to pray before one of Egypt's most symobolic figures, the Nile River.




- BN